“The Book of Greens” Jenn Louis with Kathleen Squires

the book of greens

I highly anticipated receiving this book and I read the entire book from cover to cover in one sitting, on the very same day it was delivered on my doorstep.  I love the author’s point of view in encouraging the reader to understand flavors and pairing combinations of over 40 varieties of greens. The greens are alphabetized and then include several recipes for each green. The ideas from this book have allowed me to expand my understanding and creativity in the kitchen and encouraged me to start incorporating more greens into every meal.

I recently started a plant based diet (no dairy or meat) so I really hoped the recipes for each green included at least one plant based recipe per green, but even so there are still plenty of plant based recipes to get started with. I have already picked out some favorites.  The recipes are highly creative and all seem to be very flavor forward.  I can see anyone from plant based, to vegetarian, to meat lovers, enjoying and benefiting from this book. Vegetarians will especially love this book as recipes are either designated Vegetarian (V) or otherwise.  To top if off, the photography and book cover are equally stunning.

Some recipes which I can’t wait to try my hand at include:  A Persian Greens Dip called “Borani Esfanaaj” made with arugula, mint fresh parsley and pistachios, “West African Peanut Stew” made with ginger, collard greens, jalapeno and peanut butter, “Miso Soup with Tumeric, Wheat Noodles, and Gai Lan”, “Curry Leaf Dosa”, “Mustard Green Pancakes”, “Nettle Pakoras”, “Mujadara with Purslane” the author adds a fascinating note that this is a dish believed to have been the meal that Esau at from Jacob and lost his birthright as a result, “Moong Dal and Basmati Rice with Beet Greens”, “Miners Lettuce Socca” a French/Italian chick pea pancake, “Dukkah”, “Muhammara” .

I received this book for my honest review from “Blogging for Books”  I would highly recommend this book for any food lover who wants to incorporate more healthy greens into every day meals.