I’m fairly new to plant based/vegan cooking and have heard of Chloe Coscorelli, one of the long time pioneers of vegan cooking, so naturally I was thrilled to open up “Chloe FLAVOR” her newest cookbook.  When reading the “Introduction”, I immediately felt the love and passion coming from Chole’s creative approach to vegan cooking.  She claims to have personally tweaked each recipe tens of hundreds of times so the reader can execute the recipes with success. She even offers to be reachable at all hours via social media with any questions that come up while cooking!  Who does that? I own dozens of cookbooks and this open door approach is a FIRST! So let’s dive in.

Chloe’s recipes are anything but boring, with many “traditional” recipes designed especially for the vegan cook, this means no dairy, milk, eggs or meat products but a big “yes” to familiar flavors.  With over 250 pages, the book is packed full of recipes which are suitable for all cooking levels including recipes for breakfast, snacks, sides, soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, drinks, and ice cream and desserts.  The ingredient lists are fairly simple and the directions are not overly complicated and yet an advanced cook will also find many of the recipes appealing as well.  There are a lot of beautiful color photographs for most of the recipes, but not every recipe is pictured.

A few of the recipes I can’t wait to try are: Charred Chili Lime Street Corn, Oven Fries, Garlic Smashed Potatoes, Beans and Greens with Scallion Biscuits, Chinese Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce, Burnt Garlic Un-Fried Rice, Firehouse Chili with Corn Bread Muffins, Blackberry Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream, Georgia Peach Pie, and Lemon Cheesecake with Wild Blueberry Sauce.

I appreciate the creativity and wide array of recipes in the book.  Although I do not use very much soy or tofu/tempeh products, and tend to stay away from using too much oil including coconut oil and coconut milk, I was still able to find dozens of recipes which would suit my preferences. While there are some nutritious healthy recipes and gluten free suggestions, there are also a good amount of not so healthy (white flour, high sugar, high fat) but indulgent recipes for when you feel like you might want to splurge or impress guests.  I would recommend this book for anyone who is interested in cutting out dairy or animal products from their every day diet and would like to cook more creatively with plant based ingredients, or for someone who would like to have some good reliable vegan recipes on hand for company, entertaining, etc.  I received this book from “Blogging for Books” for my honest review.





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