“Sweet Potatoes” by, Mary Frances Heck


The hardcover book measuring at just 8.5 inches tall, has about 60 recipes and may just have you wondering what to make first. From basic recipes like baked and fried sweet potatoes, to main dishes-even a sweet potato burger, and desserts like sweet potato ice cream, the book is packed full of ideas of how to use your next bag of sweet potatoes.  I was hoping to see more plant based/ vegan recipes,  although there are a few which piqued my interest such as “Thai style Noodle Curry” pg. 51 and “Sweet Potato Tacos”, pg. 102.

I was also truly hoping for labeled and pictured potatoes showing the outside skin and inside flesh so that I would finally know the visual difference between a Yam and a Sweet Potato. I also was really interested in learning about all of the different sweet potato varieties, nuances, pairings, etc. Even though the book does have an intro which describes some differences, the labeled pictures showing the varieties, which I wanted so desperately, were not very plentiful.

While this is a fun and somewhat basic guide with plenty of recipes on how to use Sweet Potatoes, it left me wanting more plant based recipes and I did not feel it was comprehensive enough, especially given the title.  I was ultimately left somewhat uninspired and no recipe grabbed my attention enough for me to make it right away.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for my honest opinion.


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