“Know Who You Are Live Like It Matters” A Homeschooler’s Interactive Guide To Discovering Your True Identity by, Tim Tebow



  1. Tim Tebow’s interactive guide is written with the homeschooler in mind, but is perfect for anyone who is struggling with a personal or identity crisis, or needs reassurance on the basic fundamentals of their faith and how to live out those truths in their daily lives.  Everyone needs to hear that their life matters and that they are loved by the Creator of the Universe, and that they have purpose and meaning that goes beyond life’s ups and downs. The book reads like a devotional but is also perfect for journaling within the book.

    The 4 main sections of the book cover topics like:

    1. Who You Are in Jesus (finding your identity in Jesus)
    2. God’s Got It (God loves you and knows what you are going through, He is sufficient
    3. Other’s Matter (Investing in others)
    4. Live Bigger (Understand that God has a purpose for your life)

I really love how simple and practical the book is.  Each of the 4 main section is broken down into 9 short 1-2 page devotionals, each would take just a few minutes a day to read. There are 36 total devotions.  Each devotional starts with a bible verse to focus on followed by the 1-2 page message and ending with thought provoking/application questions which are related to the daily topic.  There is space underneath each question for the reader to journal their answers on how they can personally apply the message to themselves.

Tim Tebow does an excellent job of breaking simple truths down for anyone to understand.  Although I intended to give this to my teenage son, I may also share it with my Mother in Law who is undergoing some major life changes and could use the daily encouragement and short excerpts to encourage her in the days and months ahead.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for my honest review.


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