“No Fear” Tony Perkins


Tony Perkins does an excellent job of highlighting many examples of individuals who have taken a stand for their Christian faith.  These individuals all had something in common: they were in the midst of opposition and even faced the threat of persecution, ridicule and in many cases even incarceration.  Although this book is directed and written for teens and young adults, the message can apply to someone of any age. “No Fear” will resonate with anyone who shares deeply held convictions and has the courage to stand firm in their Faith in a modern day society which frankly has difficulty discerning truth.  I  was encouraged by the stories of individuals who chose to lose everything to stand for their faith and yet in the bigger picture, God had an even bigger plan.  What these individuals “gave up or left behind” to honor God ended up opening new doors and opportunities that could never have been imagined. And that is the Christian Faith, walking in step with God, choosing to honor and obey and love Him. By allowing Him to direct and work in and through the Christian He provides courage and strength to stand for Christ and make a difference. I was greatly encouraged by this book which I received book from the Penguin Publishing, “Blogging for Books” program,  and I would highly recommend this inspirational book to anyone who wants to strengthen their faith and live courageously for Christ.


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