“The Wurst of Lucky Peach” by Chris Ying and the Editors of Lucky Peach


When I saw the opportunity to review the “The Wurst of Lucky Peach,  I was intrigued because I love studying food origins and international cuisine so I thought this would be a great source of information to learn about sausages. The book contains some interesting facts about sausages from all over the world covering sausages from practically every continent except Antarctica. I did wish it had a more extensive list of Old World Italian Sausages like Chivalade, or even Basque style sausage, but it does cover a lot of other European sausages. The most notable recipe for me was the Vietnamese recipe for nem nuong which I actually would like to attempt to make.

The book is approximately one-third dedicated to the classification of sausages, a global sausage dictionary of sorts. Another third of the book is comprised with the chronicles of the gastronomy travels around the world, and the last third of the book contains recipes from almost every Continent, but unfortunately not all of the sausages chronicled in the first part of the book have recipes to go along with them. Many of the recipes are for uncased sausages, good news for those who may be intimidated by the process of making sausage with casing.  I received this book for an honest review through Penguin Publishing.

More info: http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/250770/the-wurst-of-lucky-peach-by-chris-ying-and-the-editors-of-lucky-peach/

Author Bio: http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/authors/164248/chris-ying/


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