Kale Caesar


Oh my. I adore Caesar Salad and this version has all of the fabulous pungent flavors I love in a great Caesar and yet the dressing is very basic and easy to make and the Kale really adds a new dimension. Helene Henderson uses the same instincts I’ve used so many times when I want to make a quick Caesar dressing but don’t want to coddle an egg, etc., mayo really works as a perfect stand in.  I used baby Kale and massaging the leaves with olive oil prior to dressing the salad really makes all of the difference.  My teenager and his friends came over for some pizza and I made this salad and they all loved it!  A new favorite recipe and another winner from the Malibu Farm Cookbook pg.54.  I also found the link for the recipe on the Malibu Farm web site so I will include below.  My notes: I omitted the Romaine, Black Kale and fried sage due to lack of time for prep and I purchased triple washed baby Kale which ended up working out great.  The whole 5 oz tub of Baby Kale was the perfect amount for the dressing in the recipe. Once I start to grow my own sage I will try the frying…I love salted fried sage.

Here’s the recipe: http://www.malibu-farm.com/recipes/sage/kale-caesar/


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