Greek Quinoa Salad

Plated Greek Quinoa

Can you tell that I am just slightly obsessed with the “Malibu Farm Cookbook”?  I just made the recipe for Greek Quinoa Salad, pg. 215.  I love all of the fresh and simple flavors.  The salad is made with cooked quinoa, 365 Greek Feta from Whole Foods (1 lb for $6.99 in a plastic white sealed tub with brine-its really excellent-not too salty or strong and it cubes up beautifully ), Organic Sweet Grape Tomatoes, Persian Cucumbers, Italian Parsley, red onion, red bell pepper, Kalamata olives, lemon juice, grated garlic and a splash of olive oil and a grind of fresh black pepper. I served the salad alongside some grilled salmon and the Greek Quinoa Salad was the perfect light accompaniment.  I took several photos of the salad…just because.

Greek Quinoa Salad

One more photo…

Greek Quinoa Salad Bowl.jpeg


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