Mama Tran’s Vietnamese Chicken Salad


I have a love for salty, sweet, sour, spicy combinations of flavors commonly found in Vietnamese cooking; ingredients such as mint, lime, cilantro, fish sauce, chili sauce.  I just made this outrageously good salad, the first recipe I tried from “Malibu Farm Cookbook” on page 240, it is fabulous and my whole family loved it including my teenager who normally doesn’t eat cucumber!  I made a few adjustments:  I left out the carrots, added a bit of fresh mint along with the cilantro, lowered the fish sauce to 2 Tbls from 6 Tbls, and added olive oil instead of canola oil. I used garlic chili sauce (made by the same company) instead of Sriracha because it is all I had on hand.  I also did not add water to the dressing as the recipe reads because the rest of the salad will sit in the fridge overnight for a picnic lunch at the beach tomorrow. This was the first time I cooked with red quinoa and black sesame seeds, love the ingredients of this salad.

Update: So I let the salad sit overnight dressed and it was still good the next morning but the sliced cucumbers had slightly lost some of their crunch.  If serving the salad next day, I would toss all salad ingredients and make the dressing in a separate container and reserve the dressing until ready to toss and eat. If taking the salad on a picnic, I would toss the salad day of and it should be fine unless it is feasible to toss on location.  Finishing the salad with chopped nuts such as peanuts, almonds, or cashews would make a nice addition as well.


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