“brodo” a bone broth cookbook written by Marco Canora


I just finished reading “brod0” and I absolutely loved reading every page.  I have been extremely interested in bone broths as of late and this is the first book I read on the subject.  This book is very informative, is laid out beautifully and is very simple to understand.  The author is very compelling in his arguments for the health and restorative properties of bone broth  within the first part of the book and the second part includes recipes.   I can not wait to make some of the recipes he has listed.  I live on the West Coast, so and I hope to one day visit Brodo the restaurant in NYC.  Until then it is nice to know I can recreate them at home. I really appreciate the author sharing his recipes for broth, but even recipes for his add ins like coconut milk infused with lemon grass sound very appealing to me.  I noticed most of his broth recipes call for tomatoes, and I am usually not a fan of tomatoes in broth so I will have to do some experimenting.  I do love the recipe for golden chicken broth which does not have tomatoes, and I look forward to making one of the broths and posting the recipe on my site soon.  I recently received another broth cookbook but Marco’s book was so much easier to read and really grabbed my attention much more than the other book. I could tell it is written with passion, honesty and authenticity.  I received this book from “Blogging for Books” for an honest review.  I can truly say I would buy this book and I can not wait to share it with loved ones.  This would make a great gift for anyone who is interested in healthy living.  I also love the embossed/textured front and back cover!

About the Author:  http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/authors/166112/marco-canora/

More Info:  http://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/259013/brodo-by-marco-canora/


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