Lemongrass Drink

I was at a friend’s house and was given this drink which was so refreshing and light, I just had to know what it was. It was smooth, flavorful, cool, and downright sexy. I felt like a million bucks drinking it, and it had all of these mysterious but familiar flavors that I just could not put my finger on. I could have sworn it was some type of jasmine or green tea cooler.  When I found out it was just lemongrass, water and honey/sugar, I just had to have the recipe. The funniest part about it is there is no real complicated recipe…here it is:

3 stalks lemon grass, bottom 1 inch of root end cut off, top 2 inches on stems cut off, split lengthwise and bruised and chopped into 3 inch pieces to release the flavor. (To bruise you can smash with the edge of a knife, rolling pin or other object of choice).

Take the lemongrass pieces and add 6 -7 cups of water, boil for 30-45 minutes.

When mixture is done take off of stove and strain with a fine mesh strainer. Discard lemongrass pieces.

Add honey, sugar, or agave syrup to taste while liquid is still warm. I use 4-5 TBLS because I do not like it sweet, add to your preference.

Serve over ice and enjoy!

Note: Lemongrass has many healing properties including aiding with stomach problems, acne, fever, headache, common cold or making you feel just damn good!


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