Home Made Ginger Beer

I love ginger beer. After a recent visit to Son of A Gun in Los Angeles, CA I fell in love with their house made ginger beer. I was determined to make it after chatting with the young man who makes it there. This recipe was recommended as a good starting point, but see my tips below as well.

My recipe tips are to follow directions EXACTLY and heed the liquid temperature the yeast package recommends. Use a kitchen thermometer to make sure your water is at the correct temperature not too hot or too cold but within the range acceptable on the yeast package directions.  My ginger beer was effervescent and tart with a bite, served with crushed ice and a wedge of fresh lime it was simply delicious! I read all the reviews for this one. I just made this three days ago and I am ready to make my next batch!


The Bottles
I used dark brown 1 liter growler beer bottles with a flip cap and I had no explosions. Bottles were purchased from a local micro brewery although they are also available at home brew supply stores or amazon.

The Red Star Champagne Yeast
I found the champagne yeast at a home brewing supply store. Even though it is painstaking, count out the little granules of yeast exactly. I used a thin paper plate and a knife to separate and count out the granules. Next, I carefully scraped them onto another paper plate that I folded and tilted down into the mouth of the bottle to funnel them in.

The Method
I sterilized the bottles with boiling water from a tea kettle. I juiced all of the ingredients using my electric Jack LaLane juicer. I used a 2 TBLS measuring spoon to measure out the ingredients as 2TBLS = 1 ounce. I used a large glass measuring cup to mix ingredients and pour into the bottles. For the 1 liter recipe I just doubled the recipe.

I stored the filled bottles in a cardboard box and placed the box in two plastic trash bags in case of leakage. The box was stored in the closet under my stairwell for exactly 48 hours. As soon as the 48 hours was up the bottles went straight into the fridge.


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